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Why Should I Choose Professional Flooring Services?




You can see many DIYs on social media, including installing new floors. Of course, we all want to think we are born to do anything we set our minds to, but some things are better left to the professionals.

Depending on the style of flooring you want, installation can become complicated and go wrong quickly. So doing it yourself isn't always a choice, although you may think it will save you time and money in the long run.
What to leave to the professionals

Although you may know enough about installing carpets, you are not adequately trained. Choosing a local and professional flooring company can help ensure that your flooring is installed correctly.

Any style of flooring requires specific steps for installation and preparation beforehand. Improper knowledge of how to do these things can lead to improper installation.

Why it matters

For example, if you choose laminate flooring and try to do it yourself, even a wrong measurement can create a gap in planks. Also, before installing laminate flooring, you have to ensure that your subfloor is level and doesn't have any bumps or dips, which could cause creaky flooring.

Smaller flooring pieces, like natural stone and porcelain tiles, make new floors even more difficult to DIY. Preparation for tile and natural stone is a long process, and installation is complicated to ensure that it is properly laid and sealed for protection.
Choose a professional flooring company

Here at Lonsdale Flooring, we strive to install your new flooring with the highest quality in mind. We sell and even install all your flooring needs and have over 30 years of professional flooring installation experience.

Our flooring store is located in North Vancouver, and you’re invited to visit us there any time. We also serve West Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, Squamish, and Coquitlam.